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Each mold can be used over and over again to produce as many as you want or need if you decided to start selling them yourself. While they blend perfectly with rustic and southwestern decorating styles, candle chimineas also make unusual eclectic...

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Life Above the Pharmacy: Memoir of a 19th-Century Tribecan - Tribeca Trib

Clockwise from top left: Theresa and George Freygang, the author's parents, in 1882. (Theresa was the daughter of a restaurateur from down the block on West Broadway). the building at 249 West Broadway that housed the Freygang's pharmacy and family. The original address was 131 West Broadway. the pharmacy business card. Here are Walter Freygang’s wonderfully detailed recollections of the family’s 16 years at 249 West Broadway, and the operation of the 19th century pharmacy run by his father. The text, edited for length, and photographs were provided to the Trib by Walter’s granddaughter, Katherine Freygang, a long-time Tribeca resident. In 1860, my father George Freygang moved his pharmacy and living quarters to what is now 249 West Broadway. Like its neighboring buildings, it was a loft with no plaster, lighting, plumbing or heat—merely beams with floors placed on them. Not until Thomas A. Edison set up a generating station on Duane Street in 1879, was the store and the living quarters wired for that "new Edison invention. " Ours was one of the first buildings in the neighborhood to have electric light, but there was no.

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Making the Season Brighter - Highlands Current

By the time the new year arrives, their company will have produced and sold more than 15,000 holiday candles. Shalant Candles takes its name from the husband-and-wife team of Davey Lant and Lilach Shani. In 2002 the Garrison residents began selling candles made in California at New York City’s holiday markets. Shani flew to meet with their former partner for a “one-day lesson in candlemaking,” Lant recalls. After some trial and error, Lant and Shani found the “magic numbers” for fragrance, pouring temperature and other aspects of production, he said. Shalant produces mineral oil candles in six sizes and 10 designs that incorporate apples, pinecones, cranberries and “snow” made from sugar. Lant said the products are unique because they can be reused by placing a tea light in the center. “Only the center of the candle burns,” he explained. “The design remains intact. ” The candles retail for $12 to $40 and last for up to 60 hours. Sales so far have been limited to New York City’s three prime holiday markets at Bryant.

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