Decorative Candles

The decorative Pop Up Candle Holders for all celebrations...

Holidays and lights go hand in hand. That’s why, bringing in the spirit of the season, we thought of showing you this gorgeous Pop Up Candle Holder! Yes, you read that right. It’s pop up! The candle holder comes flat packed as a brass circular...

Decorative Candles

How It's Made, Decorative Candles.

Decorative holiday candles on street poles cast final glow; new banners coming - Arlington Times

ARLINGTON – The decorative candles mounted on street poles in Arlington around the holiday season have cast their final glow. The Arlington City Council Nov. 7 agreed to surplus the 23 candles that were affixed to street poles along Olympic Avenue, Island Crossing and in Smokey Point each year. Snohomish County PUD officials had a bit of Grinch in them when they told the city that the frilly candles would no longer be permitted on utility-owned poles. In addition, City Administrator Paul Ellis said the aging candles had a tendency to shed color fiber strands that collected on sidewalks beneath the poles, causing maintenance issues. In place of candles, the city has purchased new pole-mounted holiday banners and installation hardware that were scheduled to arrive Nov.

Flower Decor with Diwali Candles

KFC made a scented candle so you can fill your house with the smell of fried chicken - The indy100

Note to all foodmakers: We want to eat your products, make that as easy and as cheap as possible. Pringles, make your cans wider so we can fit our hands in. KFC, do delivery from your website in the UK. Greggs, just keep doing you - you're fantastic. But all of you, stop making candles - it's not your forté and we have other great minds focused on that endeavour. We'd say 'burn it all down', but that's the opposite of what we're going for here. Let us know:.

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