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Silicone Uco Candle Mold Lantern Taper 3 Cavities Easy Release Homemade

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Hi thanks for stopping by.

For sale is 1 Homemade silicone candle mold with 3 cavities.

Made to order.

This mold is designed for making UCO candles, no double pour is needed for beeswax, super easy to release, you would be able to finish the whole candle making process within 1 hour, it saves you lots of time.

And you can also burn the candles as usual tapers, different wicks might be used.

Cavity dimension: 3.5" long, 1 3/16" in diameter, each one can holds about 2 ozs wax.

Note: Don't use extra effort / extreme strength, you DON'T have to. the wall is not very thick like my other homemade molds, because i am trying to save customer $$ to make 3 cavities. but it's really easy to release, and super easy to use.

Note: This is a handmade product, I won't be able to guarantee that every mold would look exactly the same. But each one is made with great care, I try my best to give it a great look. and newly made mold does has a slight silicone smell since I don't use chemical to get rid of it like the factories do, but it would go after a while and it doesn't affect your your candle scent at all.

"stick method" instruction for your reference:

1. insert a wooden skewer in each cavity, no need to poke a hole through, and secure them on top with hair pins.

2. pour in the wax.

3. twist the skewers once a while so that they won't get stuck in the wax. 4. demold - take out the candles, take out the skewers and insert in your waxed wicks.

To extend the lifetime of this mold, I recommend :
1. to pour your wax at the right temperature.
2. not to use it under extreme condition (baking or freezing too long, temperature range: -65F to 400F ).
3. not to use exteme pressure/ strength on it, you really don't have to.
The last, use it the right way mentioned above, and enjoy the easy way of making your homemade candles.
(Please check my pictures for instructions)

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